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Whipped Cream Cheese Sliders


2 x Kapiti herb & garlic triple cream cheese

100ml cream

12 slices of eggplant (sliced approx. 1 cm thick)

Olive oil





You'll love munching on this delectable cream cheese infused slider thanks to Al Brown.


Whipped Cream Cheese

Place both packets of cream cheese in a mixer with a paddle attachment.  With motor running, pour in cream and whip until texture is super smooth.  Pour into a piping bag.


Heat a skillet to medium heat. Brush the slices of eggplant with oil and season.  Fry on each side till soft and golden.  Set aside.


Slice your buns from the top on an angle.  Spread on some pesto and add about half a torn basil leaf.  Add a slice of eggplant then pipe in your whipped cream cheese and top with a peppadew - eat now.

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