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Sourdough Toasty with Champagne Ham, Smoked Cheese & Mustard


1 Light Rye Sourdough
8 Good slice of Champagne Ham
16 Good slices of smoked apple wood cheese
4 large slices of Sourdough
4 Tsp Dijon Mustard
Onion Jam
Cracked pepper
Salted Butter






The most important thing is the sourdough and a hot grill. First thing is to lightly toast the Sourdough then butter with a generous amount. Then spread with the Dijon Mustard and onion jam, cover with Ham then finish with layers of the smoked apple wood.

Heat the grill to warm but not too hot then grill until the cheese just starts melt or until, then remove from the grill and cut on the angle and serve hot.


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