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Who we are

Loaf is a leading commercial bakery creating handcrafted breads and sweet treats from the finest ingredients.


Loaf’s products are made in New Zealand, like mum used to bake, with all the wholesome goodness of home baking and nothing artificial added.


Loaf's history

Loaf’s founder, Sean Armstrong undertook his chef training in New Zealand and then journeyed to London where he worked for several Michelin-Starred restaurants. After receiving various accolades he returned to New Zealand as head chef at Auckland’s O’Connell Street Bistro and went on to open the acclaimed Prime Bistro.


During this time he discovered that there was room for a new bakery, one whose mantras were product quality and great customer service. So, in 2004 he founded Loaf Handcrafted Breads and set about creating high quality artisan breads and cakes. In this time Loaf has serviced many markets and trends from parts of Asia to America and Australia. Loaf has also been at the front of product development in iconic food service and retail products.


Since late 2017, Loaf has been part of the Yarrows group, a corner stone New Zealand business that has helped shape the bread and pastry products all New Zealanders are using today. This has strengthened Loaf’s purchasing and manufacturing capabilities, allowing access to many larger New Zealand and international clients and global markets.


Loaf ’s product range

Our range includes handcrafted breads, sourdoughs, cakes, slices, pastries, scones, muffins, doughnuts, buns and gluten free products. It includes hot favourites such as sliders, Loafnuts and chocolate brownie.


Loaf’s products are made to order and delivered to hundreds of food service customers on a daily basis. We contract manufacture for a wide range of large retailers and QSRs.


You will find our retail range on the shelves of supermarkets across New Zealand as well as in International markets.


If you would like our product brochure, we'd love to hear from you so please contact us.

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