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Classic Bacon & Egg Butty with Pam’s Homemade Sauce


4 x Good 100g Ciabatta Rolls
8 x Slice of Streaky Bacon
4 x Free range Eggs
Pam’s T Sauce
Salted Butter
Tin Foil



We all need to know the basic to this Classic and there is not a lot too it other than cooking the best egg and making sure that that streaky bacon is cooked to perfection cooked to long and it becomes dry and hard to eat or to short and it will be fatty soft and soggy which are not good characteristic I find as probably most people do these are great when you have large number for breakfast the kids love them as well just remember do them well and you won’t be disappointed I find the BBq is a great way to cook these little beauties.



Split the Ciabatta buns through the middle but not the whole way through and then spread with soft butter and be generous.
Heat The BBq to a high heat and cook the streaky bacon until it just starts to go crispy then remove from the BBQ and place straight inside the Ciabatta do not drain the bacon or you are doing is removing the flavour.
Then in a large hot pan drizzled with Olive oil add the eggs and fry then for 2-3 minutes until just cooked you still want to have a very runny egg yolk, them place straight into the Ciabatta finish with a good measure of homemade Tomato Sauce.
Then wrap tightly in foil and place them back on The BBq and close the lid for 2 minutes instead of using the BBq you can put them in a hot oven at 220 degrees for 3 minutes then eat straight away or place into a chilli bag wrap in a tea towel and away you go breakfast on the run.


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