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Deep Fried Oyster Sliders - by Al Brown


1 pack of Loaf sliders

10 fresh oysters (can use from a pottle)


Tempura Batter Mix


Boiled Egg


Fresh Herbs



Lemon Juice



Makes 10

Deep fried oyster sliders are a personal favourite of Al's.  He prefers to use fresh shucked oysters, but you can just as easily use some from a pottle or half shelf.


1.  Dry your oysters on a paper towel before dropping them into a simple tempura batter.  You can buy tempura flour from most supermarkets; just add water to make the batter.

2.  Deep fry the oysters, or you can just as easily pan-fry them in a couple of centimeters of oil until nice and crisp.

3.  Cook your Slider Buns by buttering both sides and heating through on a hot pan until they're soft and golden brown.

4.  Add a little bit of hard boiled egg, gherkin and fresh herbs to some mayonnaise and spread onto the base of the Slider Buns.

5.  Place a little bit of Watercress on top of the mayo, followed by an oyster and then a little squeeze of lemon juice, before putting the lid on.

6.  Eat now.

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