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Cheeseburger Sliders - by Al Brown


1 pack of Loaf sliders

10 Al Brown Prime Meatballs


Sliced cheddar cheese

McClure's Pickles

Tomato Sauce




Makes 10 

These little Slider Burgers are quick, easy and ideal to munch on while you're watching sport.



1. Squish down some Al Brown Angus Meatballs into little meat patties

2.  Season with salt and cook to your liking on a hot pan

3.  When the patties are almost cooked, place a small slice of cheddar cheese on top and place a lid on the pan for one minute to allow the cheese to melt

4.  While the patties are cooking, cook your Slider Buns by buttering both sides and heating through on a hot pan until they’re soft and golden brown

5.  Assemble by placing the patties and cheese on top of the Slider Buns; add a slice of pickle and a bit of ketchup and mustard

6.  Eat now



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