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Crispy Fish Sliders with Salad & Kumara Wedges - My Food Bag



600g red kumara, scrubbed

1 Tbsp melted butter



3 Tbsp plain flour, seasoned with 1 tsp salt

2 eggs beaten

1 1/2 cups panko breadcrumbs

450g fish fillets, cut in half

1 Tbsp oil

1 Tbsp butter



1 tomato, sliced

1 iceberg lettuce, torn into small pieces



10 slider buns

2 Tbsp mayonnaise

1 lemon, cut into wedges

2-3 Tbsp mild sweet chilli sauce


PREHEAT oven to 225?C. Line a oven tray with baking paper.



Cut kumara into 1-2 cm wide wedges.  Place onto oven tray and toss with a drizzle of oil, butter and a pinch of salt.  Roast for 20 - 25 minutes until golden, turning once during cooking.

Place seasoned flour on one plate, beaten eggs in a medium dish or bowl and breadcrumbs on another plate. Pat fish dry with paper towels and remove any remaining scales or bones. Coat each piece of fish first with flour (shaking off any excess), then egg and lastly breadcrumbs. Set aside.

When wedges have been cooking for about 20 minutes and they are almost ready, heat the slider buns in the top of the oven for 2-3 minutes.  Remove from oven, cut the sliders in half (leaving the top attached).

Heat oil and butter in a large fry-pan (preferably non-stick) on medium heat.  Fry crumbed fish in batches, for about 1-2 minutes each side until golden and just cooked through.

TO SERVE fill each slider by putting a smear of mayonnaise on the base then a slice of tomato, a piece of fish, a squeeze of lemon, a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce, then lettuce.  Fold top of bun over the filling.  Serve with kumara wedges on the side.

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