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Sourdough and Roasted Chicken Sandwich


1 x Loaf Sourdough
2 x Roasted chicken legs
Mayonnaise (see basic)
Fresh Tarragon


The combination of good sourdough the roast chicken which everyone loves and the Tarragon and Cornichon just freshen things up so well.


Bind the tarragon with the Mayonnaise and the shredded Chicken, season with the juice of a lemon and sea Salt and carked Pepper.

Slice the sourdough as thinly as you like cover both sides of the bread with a thin slide of Mayonnaise followed by the rocket on one side then they Chicken mix and the sliced Cornichons then top with the final piece of sourdough and serve.

Note always serve at room temperature any kind of sandwich which has come straight from the fridge will taste horrible.

Serve with a nice chilled Beer or Riesling

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