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Santorini Sliders - by Matthew Barrett


lamb mince
black olives
Loaf slider buns
unsweetened yoghurt
lemon juice
baby spinach


Think of this slider as the love child of a meatball and a burger that shared a balmy summer's night on the most famous of the Greek islands.


Prepare the meatball/patty by combining lamb mince, finely diced black olives, and finely diced/crumbled feta if you like. It may need some beaten egg to bind, and a bit of finely chopped rosemary might go ok too.

Lightly toast the Loaf slider buns and hold somewhere warm.

At the same time, cook the lamb patty to your desired doneness.

Spread the bottom of the slider with a thin layer of pre-prepared harissa (adjust the quantity for how hot you like it, homemade harissa is best).

Spread the top of the slider with pre-prepared yoghurt sauce (made with garlic and lemon juice, possibly even mint and/or grated Lebanese cucumber).

Place the patty on the bottom of the slider, place on a small handful of your favourite greens (baby spinach?), and finish with the top of the slider.

Enjoy while dreaming of somewhere you'd rather be (but let's be honest, where would you rather be than Depot?)

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