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Ginger loaf with gurnard and cranberry compote by Aylene Fitzgerald


Loaf's Triple Ginger Loaf

1/2 c flour

pinch salt and pepper

1 tsp sumac

nob of butter



150g fresh cranberries

2-3 tsp dark brown sugar

200ml pinot noir


This creative dish is as delicious as it sounds and was a finalist in our Use You Loaf competition at the 2011 Auckland Food Show.


Thinly slice Triple Ginger Loaf and bake until crispy (approx. 15-20 mins). Turn the Loaf once during the time to ensure evenly toasted.

Cut gurnard fillet into finger sized strips. Mix flour, salt, pepper and sumac in a bowl and dust fish evenly. Fry in a nob of butter.

To make the compote mix cranberries, dark brown sugar and pinot noir. Save 3-4 whole cooked cranberries for presentation. Reduce down together and push through a metal sieve.

Plate up with ginger loaf, rocket, gurnard fillets and dollop of cranberry compote then dust with sumac.

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