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Fish Sliders


Fresh fish fillets

Salt and pepper


Couple of lemons

10-pack Al Brown loaf sliders


Culley’s Chipotle Hot Sauce


Baby rocket


Ready in 10 minutes | Makes 10

To make the most of summer you’ll want to keep the following in your car: filleting knife, chopping board, small camp cooker, paper towels, frying pan and a fish slice. 



1 Place frying pan on camp cooker and heat to medium. Season fish fillets with salt and pepper.


2 Add some butter and seasoned fish to pan. Cook through and finish with a squeeze of lemon.


3 Place the sliced buns on the cooker top to warm. Add mayonnaise, chipotle sauce, baby rocket and fish.


The beauty of this is that it only takes a few minutes to prepare. With some good company, a fresh sea breeze and

a mandatory beer in hand, there are few better ways to spend a day.


 Photo by Todd Eyre

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