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Crispy Sweetbreads Onion Marmalade and Brioche


4 x slices Brioche
Onion Marmalade (see basic)
Red wine sauce
Duck Fat
Cracked Pepper


I always love cooking sweetbreads some of the gourmet shops have really good stocks of them now and they are just great they take a little time and taste so divine follow this recipe and you will have crispy sweetbreads that will melt in your mouth.


If the sweetbreads are frozen defrost under running cold water then soak for thirty minutes in cold water this will help remove any blood that may be in the breads, then place in a heavy sauce pan cover with cold salted water and place on a high heat, and bring to the boil for thirty seconds then remove from stove and drain and refresh in ice cold water.

Once cooled remove the membrane from the outside of the Sweetbreads, Make sure to remove all of the membrane as any residue left behind will cause the Sweetbreads to become tough during the final cooking stage.

To finish heat a large heavy based fry pan to a medium to high heat and add one table spoon of Duck fat then season the Sweetbreads with sea Salt and Cracked pepper when the pan is hot add the Sweetbreads and cook on each side until golden brown, about thirty seconds from the end of cooking add one table spoon of butter to the pan and nappe the sweetbreads remove and serve straight away.

To serve
Toast the Brioche the spread a generous amount of Onion marmalade on each piece and warm stack Sweetbread on top on the marmalade and drizzle with red wine Jus and a good amount of chopped Parsley.

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