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Depot Slider Competition 2014

February 17th, 2014

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Depot Slider Comp 2014 Finalists as judged by Kyle Street, Executive Chef at Depot


Susanne Huber - Wild slider: Venison mince seasoned with black pepper, salt, juniper berries topped with celeriac remoulade and a dollop of cranberry-orange sauce served in Loaf sliders

Kyle's comments "A fantastic slider as we come into Autumn, All your chosen ingredients compliment each other. Leaving the Wild NZ Venison as the star of the dish.

Runners Up

Diane Davidson - Like a tiny taste of dazzling Tokyo? Want to savour the zesty fresh flavour of bright good-for-you salmon, spinach & avo - spiced up with wasabi? Here it is served up on Loaf 3-bite slider buns:

Diane Davidson LITTLE LAMBORGHINI: Lean minced lamb patties seasoned with lemon pepper & oregano, cooked med-rare.Topped with mint jelly - and fresh basil leaves. In LOAF Slider Buns spread with cream cheese on one side and spiced tomato paste on the other.

Kyle's comments: "Special Mention to Diane Davidson, for a delicious sounding array of Sliders, and very creative and well thought out names."

Brian Finn: Mussel fritter with lemon aioli and watercress. Call it Kyle the Muss.

Kyle's comments "Extra points to Brian for trying to work my name into the slider, even though i wouldn’t exactly call myself “Muscley”.

Dan Oatridge Mine would be called "Just a little bit different". Caramelized red onion with L&P Sour Pulled Chicken with an L&P smokey BBQ sauce and a slice of vintage cheddar cheese with and dash of best foods mayonnaise.It would be served with a small salad of julienne carrot and cucumber and some rocket with a light dressing and deep fried Kumara chips with smokey BBQ L&P dipping sauce.

Kyle's comments: "Most unusual concept goes to Dan Oatridge, with trepidation i am interested in tasting his L & P BBQ Sauce one day.

Hamish Jackson Ground beef with a chipotle sauce, diced bread and butter pickles, a slice of edam cheese and healthy dollop of mayonnaise. Yuuuhm

Kyle's comments "Hamish’s classic cheeseburger slider idea is fantastic, so good that i actually had a very close rendition on the menu when we opened Depot."

Luke Shore 'Coro Gold' - Coromandel Crayfish with Al Browns Marie Rose sauce (TM) and crispy iceberg lettuce. BOOM get in my mouth!!!!!!

Kyle's comments: "Great Slider idea, and one I often make for Depot Staff parties".

Matthia Youlljustgetconfused Braised goat shoulder, shaved radish, radish green chimi, queso fresco. From the states- if you choose it donate the gift cert!

Kyle's comments "Close runner up was Matthia who applied from the States, tasty sounding dish, and love the fresh ingredients proposed to cut the richness of braised goat meat."

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