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Bringing Burgers Down to Size

June 6th, 2012

Bringing Burgers Down to Size
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It was a perfect assignment for the creative baker.


When chef Al Brown asked friend and baker Sean Armstrong from Loaf Handcrafted Breads to create the ultimate little ‘slider’ for his Auckland restaurant Depot, Armstrong fired up the ovens.


The result: “An absolutely perfect little burger bun,” says Brown.


Sliders are small burger buns that rose to fame in America in the 1920s at the famous White Castle burger chain.


In New Zealand they have made their name at Depot – they’re the most popular menu item with more than 66,000 individual servings sold since the popular Federal St restaurant opened in August last year. And that adds up to around (three sliders eaten every 10 minutes.


Sliders are bringing burgers down to size. While burger bars are obsessed with big, sliders deliver on flavour and texture. And they’re fun too.


Their popularity – often selling out at the restaurant – led Armstrong and Brown to develop the retail brand that is now selling at good grocery stores across the country.


Loaf sliders are soft and delicate with a little sweetness. They’re great as a gourmet canapé, at the beach and bach, and for quick snacks. And being square, they fit perfectly in school lunchboxes.


They’re easy to prepare – eat straight from the pack or grill, toast or warm before stuffing with your favourite filling.


Brown divulges some of his go-to slider styles:

• The Depot: Sliders + snapper, preserved lemon mayonnaise, watercress and fresh lemon juice

• The Don: Sliders + mini meatballs, provolone cheese and tomato relish

• The Swine: Sliders + slow-cooked and shredded pork shoulder, bbq sauce and hot mustard

• White Trash: Sliders + sweetened whipped cream and raspberry jam


For the full recipes see or recipe tab.


Sliders come in packs of 10: “So you have 10 chances to please someone,” says Armstrong.


The packaging is friendly too – resealable and reusable. It also features a QR code which you scan with your smartphone to be taken to some great recipes and serving suggestions from Brown and Armstrong.


For instruction by the masters on how to prepare sliders, you can catch Brown and Armstrong in the Depot kitchen in this video clip below.




Tell us on facebook your ideas for a slider including the name and your filling of choice. The winning recipe will feature on the menu at Depot for one week and the creator will win a $200Depot voucher to enjoy their own personal slider. Post your ideas on by 5pm, Tuesday 31 July 2012.

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